Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Long Dash Studios presents

Opening day finally arrived.  Following are some of the outfits shown in the last couple of weeks.  It will be another few weeks to iron out the wrinkles, but Long Dash Studios is well underway.

These pictures were the jumping off point for Qyhat and aloToi to begin their partnership in  fashion art.
Both love the work of famous SL designer Nefaria Abel, what better then to try their hand at some pictures for Nef's Black Magic contest for the month of Janaury.

Freelancing their talents, the duo has gone off in search of designs that call out for a place in SL fashion history.

Not to be forgotten
Lemania's wonderful evening gown - Bolero
which for all fashion diva's of her group is on sale this week, (Jan. 23/2012)

I couldn't resist this wonderful outfit that I found at Utopia, the gown is called Frida and comes complete with the accessories. (Italian designer)

My darling SL daughter Kymsara told me about Meiling Couturier, I found this eye popping dress there.
The outfit is Castra Blue, this designer is not only making waves in the RL with her fabulous creations, she now is in SL .... her shop name is Meiling Kites Couture

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