Friday, January 27, 2012

Black/White and vibrant colour

I had a great day, from the Costa Rica opera house in Costa Rico to a sim that was full of wonderful cars and airplanes.  shooting on location gives me the opportunity to see places in SL that I otherwise would not get to see.  If you like the background locations, check them out.

The first outfit I wore was by Paris Zsun (Paris Metro)  it was a group gift, Elemental sky - sunset.  I loved the way it flowed when I walked, it had such an elegant grace to it. She maintained a balance of classic simplicity with a very diva flow to the skirt of the dress.

For more pictures on this dress and others I feature, check out my Flickr

Jewelry  -Alafolie La Topa sienne ailes
shoes - SLink
From the opera house, we went to a totally different kind of  location, fast cars, trucks and airplanes.

For you now, aloToi is wearing Atelier Benetto-ribbed from Moda Italia

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