Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Some stores are more inviting then others, PurpleMoon is a delight to shop in.  One of the bigger shops, it is bright, well designed and easy to get around in.  Lots to see, merchandise is thoughtfully laid out so you can easily see what the colour choices are.  The departments are spaced so that your visual experience is restful on the eyes.  My first visit was an in and out quickie.  Today I went back for a real look around.  I didn't go there to shop, I went to see the layout and check out the quality of the merchandise.  Guess what, I so enjoyed being there, I did shop.  Personal shopping yes, but also work related, there was a lot there to get my imagination going.  You can be sure that you will see more PM (PurpleMoon) items featured here.

Meanwhile, this was my 1st valentine goodie for me, myself and I =^_^=
The outfit readers, is PM's gift for group members
If you have not already made your way down there, I suggest you call up your limo visit as soon as you can.
NB* there is a group fee.

Monday, January 30, 2012

ready for hearts and flower month?

Fate gave me a wonderful present the other day, in the form of lovely Holly GoLightly.  Thanks to her suggestions and help I have found some wonderful new shops.  I can't wait to get back to explore them.

Meanwhile..I'd been working on showing the delightful Betsy sailor suit by Neferia Abel.  I've shown it two ways, one on its own, and in the 2nd photo I've topped it with a sweater from Ricielli.  Both of these items are very well priced and perfect for putting together your valentine outfits for February.

Both outfits were under $100.  The sweater is in the lower level near the dressing room area (Ricielli)

2nd Ivalde outfit to catch my eye last week was the  Peggy dress.. here I've shown it with a pair of  Phara Acacia Oxford II Grape shoes (Ricielli)

Till next time, happy shopping

Sunday, January 29, 2012

February, month of love

Diva's are we ready for the coming month, the parties, dancing, conquering a new heart, or better still,
rekindling the passion already in our hearts.

model - aloToi is wearing >
outfit - Vanilla from Alafolie
hair - Truth, Paige (copper)
jewelry -bracelet, earrings from Two sister Treasures
necklace - Alien Bear
shoes - SLink

model - Echo
outfit -JF fashions
hair - Bryce -Saul (natural blonde)
glasses -  role optic  SG 31

Long Dash Studio - Qyhat Harbour

Friday, January 27, 2012

Black/White and vibrant colour

I had a great day, from the Costa Rica opera house in Costa Rico to a sim that was full of wonderful cars and airplanes.  shooting on location gives me the opportunity to see places in SL that I otherwise would not get to see.  If you like the background locations, check them out.

The first outfit I wore was by Paris Zsun (Paris Metro)  it was a group gift, Elemental sky - sunset.  I loved the way it flowed when I walked, it had such an elegant grace to it. She maintained a balance of classic simplicity with a very diva flow to the skirt of the dress.

For more pictures on this dress and others I feature, check out my Flickr

Jewelry  -Alafolie La Topa sienne ailes
shoes - SLink
From the opera house, we went to a totally different kind of  location, fast cars, trucks and airplanes.

For you now, aloToi is wearing Atelier Benetto-ribbed from Moda Italia

Thursday, January 26, 2012

SLink Ariadne II heels

I found a shoe that delights me, it will go with practically any era I am wanting to portray. How wonderful is that.. following are some pictures of this wonderful shoe.  I chose mushroom for the versatility I will get out of it... The outfit is from Alafolie, top is available in many colours, so is the skirt, they are sold separately.  enjoy I had a good time...

Shot at FIN *Relive the fifties 1950*
creator of the items on location - Nil McCallen

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Alafolie is a shop I can spend a lot of time in...

When I first saw this dress I hesitated, but after trying the demo, I was sold, it molds to the body, and as
you can see in the action shots, it  moves with you.  Both the dress and the boots are from Alofolie.
Dress.. is Dynamic Cerise
Ankle Boot is.. Croco Blanc
Shot on location at the Rock and Roll Cafe in SL
Photo shop was done at Long Dash Studio
model is AloToi
photographer - Qyhat Harbour

The dance animations at the Rock and Roll Cafe, are a lot of fun... check it out.

Long Dash Studios presents

Opening day finally arrived.  Following are some of the outfits shown in the last couple of weeks.  It will be another few weeks to iron out the wrinkles, but Long Dash Studios is well underway.

These pictures were the jumping off point for Qyhat and aloToi to begin their partnership in  fashion art.
Both love the work of famous SL designer Nefaria Abel, what better then to try their hand at some pictures for Nef's Black Magic contest for the month of Janaury.

Freelancing their talents, the duo has gone off in search of designs that call out for a place in SL fashion history.

Not to be forgotten
Lemania's wonderful evening gown - Bolero
which for all fashion diva's of her group is on sale this week, (Jan. 23/2012)

I couldn't resist this wonderful outfit that I found at Utopia, the gown is called Frida and comes complete with the accessories. (Italian designer)

My darling SL daughter Kymsara told me about Meiling Couturier, I found this eye popping dress there.
The outfit is Castra Blue, this designer is not only making waves in the RL with her fabulous creations, she now is in SL .... her shop name is Meiling Kites Couture