Monday, December 31, 2012

Old Time Prims

Why bless my buttons.  I'm in 7th heaven.  Wandering around I found myself in Dizzyland standing outside a shop called Old Time Prims.  I was totally mesmerized by the merchandise and the promise visiting a world I've only read about or seen in black and white movies on the telly. 
When I first came into Second LIfe back in the mid 2000, I first worked for Ivalde a designer who specialized in vintage.  It was instant love at first sight.  Not since that moment in time have I been so enthralled.
This shop not only has the clothes, but the hair and shoes.  So much required for the
perfect outfit.  the shop is attached to a sim where the lifestyle, music of the day is all represented.  I can see I will be spending a lot of time exploring here
Gentleman you are not left out, the shop has outfits and clothing for the young dandy, Male, hairstyles, and footwear.  speaking of shoes, to this day, this flapper look is my shoe of choice.
AloToi will be green with envy, because she is on a holiday right now and it is I, Q the kangaroo who got to do this blog. LOL.. the young models I'm sure are wondering what this Tiny kangaroo in her "stylish"  blue smock is doing hopping around the shop.  The
models,, Betty  Claremenot and Adrienne were very kind in letting me have a big of fun
in the store window.
Seen thru the store window.. there will be a few more on flickr.  it was fun, reminded me of the days I was a model for Ivalde.  Ivalde is gone now but WOW Old Time Prims is here and I hope to stay, it is a wonderful wonderful shop.  Here is your limo
Q off to shop....cya

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Count down to a new year

Where am I?
This is a venue that I didn't always get to, but when I did, I always found something to come away with that was different.  Certainly always affordable.  It is only open for a few more days so don't delay get down and have a look at what is being offered.  this is the time of year we want to make a special greeting for friends,  I like both the countdown pose sets offered.  I think you will too.
Emotions has a fat pack (hair) Resolutions, that is very sophisticated and elegant, it includes a non rigged mesh.  Certainly something you might want to look at for that New Year's eve gala event.  Or even a quiet night with that special someone.
If you want long and mysterious, Exile has a style that might catch your fancy.

Glam Affair as always is offering you a face/makeup that will enchant.(Christmas Edition)
This next picture will show you a hair style that is non rigged mesh and one that I find rather appealing.  It can be worn dressed up or casual.  I really good purchase.  From the house of Ploom - Mosch, YOu can see there is a wide variety to choose from.
I personally have a lot of the Ploom hairstyles in my inventory.  I get good value for my dollar.  In fact I couldn't resist the temptation and purchased the Candy package .. can't wait to finish the blog so I can go try it on. =^_^=

Pididdle has a lovely sexy pouty set of lips .. called Countdown to Kisses.  This is how I would like my lips to look in the real world.  Here again for $95 linden you will get 5 wonderful shades for your lips that you can wear 365 days of the year.

DCNY Has some wonderful  A line skirt  being offered. The designer has given you a good selection to choose from, that will be in vogue for your  now and well into summer.  The offering is well thought out.  The prints and colours, versatile. 
The A line is flattering on any figure.  The skirts come in 3 pack 95 L.  You simply can not go wrong.  It is mesh, make sure you try the demo.  This offer is exclusive to My Attic.
The sale will only be on till the 31st.  get down  there and check it out.  If you can subscribe so you know when the next event will take place.

model is wearing -Style by Kira skin, Glitterati by Sapphire heels,  Mayfly eyes, dress RKT
shape by Amacci

Happy shopping... till next time...  kami no megumi

Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking back

With the spirit of the season still with us, I am enjoying the many wonderful memories I've had over the last year.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there is a special feeling in the air and around us during this time of year.  The lights that sparkle and wink against the green boughs of a tree, and colourfully wrapped gifts waiting to be shared  all reminders of another time.

These pictures are taken on location Area 51 - Winterland - international
This wonderful recreation of an old family homestead in the country is so reminiscent of places I've visited in my early years, that I felt at home as soon as I stepped into the door.
LOL i made myself completely at home.  Shame on me I didn't take my shoes off!  I mused on this past year in SL and how at home I am with the many facets of my life within the SL  world.  With few exceptions, everyone I meet or have met  is a delightful personality with a lot of creative energy.  Whether another designer/builder, script writer,model, entrepreneur,artisan,fashionista,musician,consumer,interior designer,landscaper, you name it,if it is to be found in the Universe, it will be here in Second Life.
There will be more pictures on Flickr- link on side panel

Life can get hectic, and at times, it throws us a curve ball, my experience has been that always in Second Life, I can find a place to unwind, destress, find a happy venue, visit with friends, or wander and explore alone, My choice.  Two places that really bring me to what I call "home"  Tiny Outpost and Raglan Shire.  To all my friends here in Second Life,
I thank you for enriching my life with your generous hearts, your support and friendships.

You know what I think I want to try, after Morton showed me how to ski, and I felt the thrill of zooming down a ski hill.. I'm thinking I might like to try to fly.  Hey.. where did you all go.. are you running away?  LOL demoniac laughter Q in the skies....hehehe duck!

this was sent to me by the creator of Winterland International - Enjoy

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Glad Tidings from Long Dash Studio

Our thanks to each and everyone of you, we have had a wonderful memorable year. You have made our work days fun and rewarding.  We look forward to another year filled with the joy of getting to know you and your creativity a lot
better.  Sl is a magical place, YOU are what makes it shine.

Decision made, they wish you all a very Happy, Joyous and Healthy time over the holidays and into the New Year.
AloToi's outfit is from Ivalde
Q's outfit is from Precious Liddell
Q's avatar is a Wynx Hedge Hog

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Paris Metro Couture

There was a day when elegance and style was what we strove for when we had a special date or event to attend.  Some traditions remain, there are designers that maintain that mystique and romance in their creations, such a couturier is the dynamo from Paris Metro Couture.  It never ceases to amaze that evening gowns and dresses keep appearing, and they all reflect that diva
"star" quality  that Paris Metro is so known for.
Paris Metro Couture - Women's Formal Wear Gowns, San Diego City
Paris METRO Couture ~ La Samaritaine, Paris, France, Paris Couture
It would be unfair to showcase one dress from the fabulous Paris Metro Couture Collections.  There are too many and we each have our own different tastes.  However, this designer's talents are such that she does not limit herself to one or two designs, she enjoys expanding on her creativity and offers historical, vintage,romantic to exotic and sultry.  A list of her shops will be included in this blog.  Check out her wonderful furniture and household
accessories lines.
Paris Metro Couture has a very knowledgeable and accessible Public Relations Agent, DrJ Cleanslate  on request I am sure she would be happy to send you
information on the Paris Metro in Paris, visit and see the build there it is
grand and truly marvellous, walk around, take it all in.

Oh la la, I have just landed at Paris Metro @ The Village & Club Graffiti, NYC
now I could groove in this naughty outfit..  Paris you little vixen...=^_^=
On the second level is the more sophisticated lady's wardrobe, although the saucy is still very present ^^  HOT!!!
Paris Metro @ . THE BEST OF SL BOULEVARD , Couture Boulevard
Paris Metro @ The Premier Mall @ Sunburst "The Essence Of Fashion And Style" (this shop really rocked, I liked the lay out and the "eye candy"

Usually we use a model, to show you the latest and newest, but with limited space, we wanted to give you an overview of one of the most enduring and reliable designers in today's " Red Carpet" couturiers.and where you can see and acquire her designs.  Treat yourself.. you deserve the best.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Second Norway

With the winter winds blowing outside, the freezing snow and ice pellets on the window my mind wouldn't settle down to sleep.  I returned to SL to explore. I was intrigued with 
Second Norway, even more so when I arrived.  Yes the little hedge hog standing in the snow in her velvet elf dress and suede heels is moi,Q.
I wished that I had ordered a car to meet me, the roads are so inviting, they lead off into the distance, the scenery is wonderful.  I have a snowmobile, but that would ruin the wonderful sounds of the waves coming in from the sea.  Oh I see a Racing Cars Tovar, 
animation is for the human body, sure looks like fun, I would call this vehicle a bumper car.
There is so much to see, I encourage you to take the time to visit and look around.  The builder(s) have put together a true to life coastal village .. it is like stepping into another
community, complete with sights and sounds.
I'm dressed, ready for the Elf costume party at Tiny Outpost on Saturday Dec. 22 @ 5pm, there will be dancing and skating on the Tiny Outpost rink. Sylkye tells me there will be a special guest, wonder who will be judging the costumes?..  Hmm I digress, I will leave you with this last picture of a big freighter that is frozen in the bay.  I'm off to do some more exploring of this fabulous build.  Norway now seems much more real to me.
your links...
Second Norway - Thule Bay, 
Tiny Outpost -Commercial district of Tiny Creativity
Dress is from Precious Lidell @ Tiny Outpost, it comes in several colours

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Martini Discovolante- Precious Liddell

Every once in awhile, you meet a true Diva.. Meet Martini Discovolante, the first time I saw her she was riding a horse and came to a gathering as Lady Godiva. She is such a true artist, her work is scrumptious you always feel like a princess in her designs.
When Tiny Outpost opened, she was one of the first designers to come on board, her building won an award for its originality and beauty.  Right now she is getting her shop ready for the holidays and I was there to visit with her.
The beautiful evening gown she is wearing is available with the hair.  Bonus it has a colour hud, so you can change the colour of the dress to match your accessories or mood. =^_^=.  In the background, you see the outfit I'm thinking about for myself, the Holiday Dazzle, it comes in an assortment of colours, I rather like the gold that you see, but there is also a red that is very
appealing.  All her outfits come complete with stockings heels and the hat if one is  shown.
She has put out not only outfits for the ladies, the gents are also included in her winter collection.  Precious LIddell - Tiny Outpost  What a choice, do I want to be My Fair Tiny or Mrs Claus...? (Precious Lidell - exquisite goods for the discriminating Tiny)
BTW her other holiday outfits are also available, they are adorable, there is a jester dress, that comes in a variety of colours . and the sweetest of dresses that has a hat like a tree but it is so elegant and sophisticated, you'll swoon.
It is on the wall to the left when you go in. I luvs the baby blue.
The male attire in the new line is a tux, with one for, the night of, and one for the next morning. =^_^=   Martini thinks of everything.

The lady graciously modeled both outfits for me.  There is a lot going on at Tiny Outpost, merchants are putting out goodies for you to find.  Who knows what will appear over the next couple of days.. 
Join us for some Wootmas Cheer  here is your taxi .Tiny Outpost -a unique Tiny shopping experience

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Discovering New

Long time member of the SL community, I often travel to other places especially in my line of "work".  Often the places I find that really make me smile are places I find by accident.  Today while removing my Cacha machines from the just ended Pop up Cacha event, I had time to wander and explore since Tiny Outpost was down for LL maintenance. I found the most delightful of places hidden away down a lane far away from where I had been. When I sees bunnahs and pandas I want to seem more.

Rook Poses -Kourinbou    is the location, I was just starting to explore when up popped - Region restart on my screen.#%#@  I encourage you to visit the location and then explore the sim.  There are a lot of shops, not just a few.

Next on the agenda was a trip to Raglan Shire, to add a pressie in my boutique for visitors over the holidays. =^_^= 
Kangaroo Fashion Boutique

Where ever I go I get asked what I am, or where did I get my avatar, I always have the link to WynxWorks handy to hand out.  If you are introducing friends/relatives over the holidays to our wonderful world of Tiny, here is the
link for you WynxWorks - Raglan - main shop   and if you are in the vicinity of the Tiny Outpost, the link is WynxWorks - Tiny Outpost
You got your antler hat yet?  They are around check Raglan and Tiny Outpost.  Look for Free Pressie boxes.

Need skates for the skating parties - Ankle Biters
Are you a texture board chaser - SOMA - Classes for Clothing, Texturing, GIMP, Photoshop & More
btw you know you've been in SL a long time, when you always want to alt and left click to see something up close.

Want something different, how about a colourful seahorse to ride, or a gesture hud for your Wynx Quad Tiny Animations CYZICUS

Right next store is a Tiny Chinese Dragon Mask for only $100 at the Puppy

Sue me, I couldn't resist the headless Frosty ugly lighted sweater in the
Druscilla's Whim   shop.  Lots to choose from, they are all the rage. LOL I even got a Trail mix   This gal is an entrepreneur .. Yum.

Model is wearing an outfit from HIPPO, hair is from May Creations - Punky pony tail, earrings are from Kangaroo Fashion,  Shoes are also from HIPPO
Wild Bunney's Gear /May Creations (wharf & coastal)

Till next time I'm off to nibble (inhale) my Trail Mix - happy shopping!
Tiny Outpost - for the HIPPO and Kangaroo Fashion shops

Friday, December 14, 2012

A delightful TINY find -

Elemental Motifs Shopping Village, Kakapo  ok come on now, tell me the name of the place isn't enough to make you smile.  The location is in Kakapo... had me smiling from ear to ear.  The place charming. I discovered it by accident.  I was searching for a gift for my sekret santa recipient and took to taking urls to places on friend's picks (the best way to find new and interesting places. Bingo, I landed right outside of a shop that had merchandise that I recognized.  Wow it was a HIPPO shop.  This made me take notice, HIPPO is a quality shop that always puts out new and amazing items.. Who else would I find.  Let me tell you the list of merchants here is the cream of the crop in the Tiny Red Carpet circle.
Winter had arrived, the lake is frozen over, but the birds still sing, and you can hear the happy sound of water bubbling under the ice and snow.  The court yard is designed to allow for an easy flow of traffic as you meander from shop to shop taking in all the colourful merchandise.  There is also a welcome area, where you will find some very nice pressies generously offered by the merchants. I picked up several of Clover's (Clover Denzo) outfits, they will be great for wearing to some of the holiday fun that will be happening over the next 3, 4 weeks.  Totally for da Boys  what a shop if you picked a boy Tiny in the Sekret Santa exhange.

Darkwych Designs                                  Arizona's Fashions
The Greenwood                                     Peeps Tinies
Steam Kitten                                         G Gs Designs
Pawsome Designs                                   MG Cupcakes for Tinies
Tiny Trotters                                         Temba's Gallery
Karma's                                                 Muzi!
Totally Tinies                                         Pretty Patty's
Panda Panda                                          Kayak's Kookies Tiny Stuff
and many many more, I wish I could list them all, give yourself a treat, explore this
Tiny oasis of shopping.
For more information on this little pearl of TINY creativity contact EMV ( Ingwaz.thor ), if she is not the right person, I'm sure she will forward your notecard.

If you still have not picked up your Sekret Santa ornament to find out who you should be shopping for, get over to Raglan's the tree STEVE and do so =^_^=  
The Raglan Shire Wharf & Coastal Fort - Tiny fun :

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter fun

The Cookie Jar House & Garden Village & Community, Michigan Bay

In a shop behind this sign you will find a XMas tree with little presents on it
I collected a few, but as of time of writing I have not opened them yet.  There is also walls announcing all the various hunts you can find in and around the area.  For those of you who like to challenge your searching skills, this would be a good place to visit.

Have you ever wanted a Gingerbread house.. ?
Christmas, Christmas

You can see that this is a regular size gingerbread house, dat's little Q standing in front of the shop. This is a whole sim dedicated to the holiday]fun.

OH fun, wonderful decorations here, good music too =^_^= 
Christmas Trees and Winter Romance

Q is wearing the Wootmas outfit that will be in her shops, watch for it.  Dress and hat! Kangaroo Fashion - Main Shop Tiny Outppost  and in her boutique
Kangaroo Boutique - Raglan

After a busy day of shopping, its time to head for a relaxing brew in Raglan.
OH, lookie lookie lookie ..
Awenbunny Lisle working, proof she does exist, she working on her vendors,
ohhhhh wots dat mean?  lucky for us.... hahahaha she just saw me.... did you hear the blood curdling scream....  I looking for the Sekret Santa pick up name area.. The great tree STEVE....  for those of you needing the limo, thanks to Awen, here it is The great tree STEVE  hmmm this brought me to the coffee shop itself..  Wow, dropping over the side I found the area for the 6th annual ice sculpty sculpture contest.. Isn't SL wonderful, we can flies  Wolfie has given me another LM...hehee   You gotta see Wolfie blue eyes.. and lookit the hat! Wow.

Pick up of Sekret Santa ornament here -STEVE tree .. finally I gots the name of the person I gets to buy for... YAY.

Oh.. sound of incoming mail.. oh seamless brocade fabric texture, gotta fly, needed to hit a midnight mania board.. bye for now.SOMA - Classes for Clothing, Texturing, GIMP, Photoshop & More
  we needs two more  hits  .. anyone?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Taking that step

I been in SL a long time, I been building for almost as long.  However, my comfort zone was to work and produce for my shop(s).  This time I took that step outside my comfort zone to participate in an event with other builders/designers.  I think the super friendly and happy demeanor of fellow Tiny Outpost and Raglan Shire merchant Yaya Bingyi (HIPPO) and her business partner in this event Uriana Zeta were what gave me that confidence to "play".
I liked that the event includes a variety of merchants that have products to entice many different shoppers, Tiny, "Biggies", Hammies, Furries, I think there is something for everyone.

POP-UP GACHA , Kourinbou  is the link to get you directly to the site.

The Wootmas sock hats was a lot of fun to do, tres elegant, n'est pas!
Some of the vendors you will know others will be new to you, but what fun exploring the various booths, trying your luck, and for you Freebie chasers,
there are presents on the second floor. Teleporter is at the back of the room.
Depending on when you come, you never know what, or who you will bump into.. Nor the fun happenings you will be drawn into. =^_^=  when TINY involved you gotto know, sane is insane!

Do you know how the Catcha machines work?  No? its fun and easy, something like slots, only you always comes away with something.  Prices per play is determined by the merchant, and what the prizes are in the machines.
Like fishing, there are RARE items, and you plays till you come up with what you want. Any questions, nudge Yaya or Uriana, or myself, if I don't know I'll finds out for you.

Oh just saw a Biggie/Tiny cuddle sofa with 3 sets of cuddles, hmmm has to find me a biggie... =^_^=  Shady do you qualifies?  diabolical laugh..LOL.

some merchants - Steam Kitten          Tiny Temptations Creations
                          Black Magnolia Imports      Sloane
                          Peeps Fashion         Gyplsy Wolf Creations
                          Panda                    General Shop
                          Half Deer                dooLally
                          Hippo                     Muzi
                          DeDe Tiny Shop       BSD design

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting ready for CACHA
Event Info:
Two Tiny Designers have been very busy lately organizing and getting this show ready for the road Yaya Bingyi from the wonderful HIPPO shops and 
her partner in crime Uriana Zeta (MUZI! )

The show will run December 7 - 17 2012  come prepared to have lots of fun.
There will be merchandise for TINY - Biggies + Hammies .. You want information on the event, contact Yaya or Uriana.  This will be the kick off
event of what they hope will be many others.

Dis is Q looking bothered and bewildered at how to set up , reading instructions (not her strong suit)  See she sitting on her tail,  she says "dats why she Roo, gets to have something to sit on all the time, and always has a pocket, no need for a purse!)  I"m sure LOL that is what Wynx had in mind when she created the Kangaroo avatar./P

Have you got a Wynx avatar yet?  Here is the link.. WynxWorks-Tiny avatars,wearable & flying pets-Raglan       no excuses..
WunxWorks Boutique - Tiny Outpost

NO ONE DOES WOOTMAS LIKE THE TINY..... Please join us. It is an experience you will never forgot.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Small and Courageous

I like to think I'm observant.  However, when I was looking for my neighbour, I didn't realize he was just beside me in Tiny Outpost.  ohhh yeah!  Meet Shakespeare Shamrock owner of Small and Courageous.
His shop is full of airplanes and the like.  They look veru realistic to me.  His tag reads Tiny RAF rescue. So guess its good to have someone like that right next door.  This is the link to his shop Small and Courageous.  I thinking I might have to sign up for the Sekret Santa giftie, that vehicle bottom right looks pretty exciting.. I'm not ready to fly a plane yet.
The notice came out that the Sekret Santa box is out in Raglan so high tail down there and get your name in.  It is always a lot of fun.  Remember, Karma is the go to person if you are stuck on what kind of giftie to get.
Sekret Santa box - Raglan  oh wow..lucky, Karma and Kitty Huang are practicing their Xmas carols  (see pictures on Flickr)
This is what you look for.
Remember this is the best time of year to get to know your fellow Tinies...
Tinies RULE..."we are one"

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1.another day

EEEpp sorry close your eyes if you never seen a nakid guinea pig before.  I warn you this is sad.
I has to change, I has to take off my skies and get some work done. The call of Mount Waffle will have to wait till I get some work done.  You can see I not all that happy with "letting go"..  My heads are waiting for me to work work work... sigh.  I did a late night run last night, it was a wild and scary one, wow I ended up crashing down into Awen and Bloodsong's shop. Staring up and a cute possum in a lime green snowsuit. At least it wasn't the real Awen with a fish in her hand ready to smack me.

OMG  i took the ice ball, had to figure it out I can't find myself. (story of my life, snort) let me see, what fanatical place did Zayn script this thing to land.  One minute I was in the ice ball, and next I was tumbling down the hill at break neck speed.  Here I am, new boots from the Artisan shop to go with my new dress from Kangaroo Fashion, the boots are from Mish Mish
I bought them because she has set them to colour change.  One pair of toasty boots to go with all of my winter dresses.. Nice.  btw the dress and hat from Kangaroo are not out yet.  Sorry, during the week,  the dress is a dark tartan, with a skirt in a Xmas pattern of gingerbread men.  The neko hat will be part of a Gacha special coming out in a week or so.. check the Hippo shop for details.

I should have known, the Ice ball rezzer is created by Awor Blabbermouth, this Tiny is as maniac as Zayn. Having said that, These Ice balls are super fantastic and one H#ll of a ride.

Willow Creek Tiny Outfitters   check out Awen's winter wear!
Top of Mount Waffle -Dead Otter Gulch

Met up with friends, see pictures on flickr for a new trend in head gear!  to get one of your own, you'll have to track down Kazvou. Morton Wheels, Butter or Alara.