Monday, October 1, 2018

a new beginning

My husband passed away this year, and I am rediscovering life .. We had been very close, his illness was one that we could not control, cancer can be final, and in his case, it was.
Life is short, it is up to us, to live each and every day giving our very best.
PL Precept #18, Each moment is a turning point.

My regular blog is  I hope to see you there.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Living the PL way

Back from Japan, I knew I needed time to be creative, let my thoughts wander in and out of my gray cells, some surfaced, some disappeared.  My way of zoning out is going into Second Life and putting expression on one of my avatars.
Since mesh has become such a hot item, and I have gone out of my way to ignore it... what better way to challenge myself, I decided to build a mesh avatar.  One that I could live with and be comfortable with.
This is the mesh head. What a time I had.  I don't know how many HELP notecards I sent to the help desk of the Body Shop that I went with. Actually they are called TheMeshProject (BETA) and when you shop you do so in THESKINSHOP or their boutique.
A veteran of SL and virtual worlds, I've been a constant member since 2007, I did not find the transition easy.  I am still working it out.

What will this new avatar do, well she is doing what I love doing best, trying on close and doing photo sessions, trying to find a look for me that I will "fall in love with"

To do this, I have gone to my favourite and reliable designers, like Felicity Shoes,(Felcity Overlord)  and my Beloved Jewelry, (Kimbra McMillan) for the basic accesssories that every gal needs in her wardrobe.  Shoes and jewelry.

In this picture I'm wearing Beloved Jewelry and Hair is by Tukinowaguma (Casida 2)  I had not changed my shoes yet.  I'm still learning how to work all the pieces of my body.

In life we can be still and stagnate or we can challenge ourselves to do things we have found hard to do.. 

PL Precept #2  To live is to express one's self.

PL Precept # 19 Begin once you perceive.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Spiritual Pilgrimage

Church of Perfect Liberty
God is not a person.  He is not an old man with a white beard.  God is the power,source and law of the Universe. (PL Members' Guide, page 19)

If you wish to share our journey to Japan and learn more about living a life in Perfect Liberty, visit 

Long Dash Studio is closed until further notice.
The House of Perfect Liberty is still in SL. See Qyhat Harbour's profile for coordinates.or 

click on limo =^_^=  House of Perfect Liberty in SL

Open for prayer, quiet contemplation and meditation.
If you wish more information or we can be of assistance to you, contact Qyhat (note card)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Vacation

How time can get away from us when we are not looking.  Here it is almost mid June, Q will be leaving before we know it for her studies in Japan.  This means that we will all be on vacation now till end of summer at least.  Xsa is in to tidy up.  she is somewhat sad, she tells us that the Designer Circle is in its new round #56 and there are delicious new items there for the savvy shopper!

On behalf of Q, AloToi and Xsa, we wish you a very happy, joyful and fun filled summer.  From time to time we will drop in to see what we are missing, who can resist.
Xsa is wearing a Graffitiwear knockout (Rosie) dress, it is available in other colors, see .
Jewelry is from Elemental, Raquel (chrysocolla) gold or silver
Hair is Analog Dog - Tangent dream

@ Designer Circle - Vivace has a lovely mesh gown Melissa II that we would have loved to have shown you, since we can't please go and see it for yourselves.
Abia Capalini  has a totally in your fact outfit for you. serious attitude!
Kanou, presents you with a lovely mesh dress that is designed to take you almost anywhere you want to go, Alexa (green)

Wetina -has a hottie dress -Sequin Hole Dress

There is so much more to see, you will have lots to chose from, don't forget to check out the CO*Motion poses - Film Noir..

Happy Summer, see you in the fall.
Blessings all.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


When was the last time you had your fortune told, or had someone ask you your favorite number, do you play the loto?  What about try your luck with the loto tickets.  When we saw that there was a destination called  NUMBEROLOGY, we took off to have a look.

Interesting set of poses - an artist working on and with her easel (6 static poses).  A psychic using her  crystal ball,( 8 poses) plus a few others, kinda made us wonder, what goodies we would find at the main shop. ^^

Each of these numbered pods have a group of small boutiques offering the visitors multiple choices of goods.  Furniture,male skins,tattoos, avatar enhancement,refurbed victorian items,vintage charms, lingerie,  Oh Paperbag is one of the participants. nice, sexy!
Look, more poses, Purple Poses ! They are offering 4 sets of model poses, if you are tired of the same old, same old, check these out.

Even Izzie's is here.  Really it is the right time to shop, you know it is time for a wee bit of a change. since we want time to shop ourselves, we will leave you with a bit of eye candy.  =^_^=

The taxi to Numberology is above, take it, explore,shop, enjoy!  There is something for everyone.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Going Shopping with Xsa

We got a notice that Analog dog was having a sale.  Xsa was up and out of the studio in a flash.  Trailing along behind her, we did get some pictures of her exploring the island.  In future blogs, we are sure you will see the results of her shopping spree.

We were trying to find the sale area when this was taken.. no luck so far.
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Xsa dug out a pair of flats to go with her easy comfort dress from Mu Shi Doll 
the little black dress is covered in glitter that shimmers and shines in the daylight, at night on the dance floor it is even sexier.
Jewelry is from Modern Couture, Marina in gold
Hair - Truth - Carli in burgundy
Shoes were from HollyHood (mesh) Hermes sandals

Xsa is LeLutka Jade, makeup Eclat S  Tan  # 5    eyes- Jade
AO - Vista Animations  - value Fem